The Castiglion Fiorentino group continues to grow and is consolidated as a national leader in the sector. The latest acquisition concerns the Piedmontese Acerbi, specialized in tanks for the transport of LPG CASTIGLION FIORENTINO (AR) - The Menci Group continues to grow and further diversifies its business, investing in the transport of LPG. The group of Castiglion Fiorentino has acquired the Acerbi Industrial Vehicle that, born in 1962 and based in Castelnuovo Scrivia (Al), is a historic Italian brand in the production of LPG tanks and counts on an annual production of about 150 vehicles. The operation is born from the will of Menci to strengthen own leadership to national level in the field of the cisterns and to strengthen ulteriorly the internationalization of the group towards new markets. The goal will therefore be to give new impetus to the activity of the Acerbi brand, which, relying on about 70 employees, currently has an 80% foreign turnover concentrated mainly in the markets of North Africa and the Middle East. For the relaunch of the Acerbi brand and product, the Menci Group can count on the skills and experience gained by its management and already demonstrated by the results achieved with the first brilliant acquisition of Zorzi in Treviso in 2013. With this new operation, the Arezzo group exceeds the threshold of 350 employees and 2,700 vehicles produced, two numbers constantly increasing that consolidate it as the most important Italian group in the sector. The acquisition will allow the Menci Group to offer itself as a solid reference for all types of road transport with the three brands Menci, Zorzi and Acerbi. 

The operation will also be accompanied by an investment plan in research and development to renew the production of Acerbi and to find the latest technological solutions in terms of reliability, safety and design.


Diversification is one of the cornerstones of our group’s growth. The Menci Group has long been a national leader in the production of semi-trailers and tanks, and with the acquisition of Acerbi also enters the business of LPG transport vehicles strengthening a group that brings together some of the major Italian brands


- comments Andrea Menci, sales, export and communication manager.



It was 1962 when the Acerbi company, based in Alessandria, entered the industrial sector of the construction of tank vehicles specializing in the field of fuel and gas transport, immediately becoming a European leader. Since the beginning, technological innovation has characterized the company’s products, which, since 1970, has been the first Italian company to design and produce the "self-supporting tank semitrailer", made of aluminium for fuel and steel for gas. Over time, Acerbi has shown a great attention to the marketing of its products both on the national territory and abroad with particular regard to European countries, North Africa and the Middle East, highlighting its international vocation.  It is therefore not excessive to say that, in the last fifty years in Italy, an important part of the transport of petroleum products by road, has taken place on tanks registered Acerbi.