We know how important it is for our customers a quick and punctual assistance and, in order to guarantee ever higher quality standards, we have created a continuous training course that was specifically designed for our network of authorized workshops.

This new cycle of training events began on Thursday, May 5 with the meeting of the Officine Centro-Nord, and ended last Thursday, May 19 with the knowledge of the workshops of the Central-South area.




An efficient management of the after-sales process cannot be separated from the construction of real and genuine human ties and these days have represented a new, exciting, confirmation.

During the training, coordinated by the representative of the Uff. post-sales, Stefano Cenci, and dell'Uff. Marketing, Fabrizio Capecchi and Francesca Baiocchi, it was possible to deepen many topics, always leaving ample room for mutual comparison and the search for a common line of action.

Both sides had the opportunity to present their point of view, proposing different approaches and solutions with a view to a common vision of the future.



In the afternoon, the Head of Production Maurizio Niquoziani, illustrated the phases of the production line, from semi-finished to finished product, focusing in particular on all those steps of specific interest for the workshops present. Each representative was able to observe closely the operation of the plant and get to know the people behind every moment of the process. 





A prompt and widespread service response can only be realized by virtue of a relationship of mutual knowledge and trust, and each of these events has laid the foundation for the emergence of these ties. The goal is to achieve a continuity of training over time that knows how to make our after-sales network increasingly functional to the needs of our end customers.

Also on this occasion, as evidence of the commitment shown by the workshops in this second and last, important training day, a "Certificate of Professional Training Authorized Workshops 2022" was deliveredsymbol of an educational project that will unfold in the years to come.