A multipurpose and flexible bulk feed tank

In the world of feed transport, keeping up with the needs of our customers is a priority.

For this reason, we have designed a multipurpose tank, equipped with an efficient and flexible system that can adapt to all your exhaust needs. 


Screw and pneumatic discharge, discover the operation

In these three short videos, we will explain in detail all the working phases of one of the models of our bulk feed tank. In particular, we explain, step by step, how to set and make the different discharge modes available: cochlear and pneumatic. Through a few quick steps, you can switch between discharge modes, switching from one to the other in a few moments. 


Assistance procedures in case of anomalies

Having trouble without access to a quick and immediate solution can be frustrating and can create many problems. Also for this reason we thought of a small tutorial in case of difficulties. The video contains useful instructions and tips to solve any anomalies or in case, particular transports require specific working parameters other than the normal work routine.