18:00, the microphones heat up: the awards ceremony of the 2 Photo Competition begins!

It’s Wednesday, November 23rd, it’s 6:00 pm and the tension starts to be felt. Live streaming for the awards ceremony of the 2nd Photo Competition - #NoiSiamoLaMenci Golden Hour theme is about to begin. The microphones are hot and the presenter is more charged than ever! And to open the works is the iconic presenter from Arezzo, Alex Revelli who introduces the first links of the evening.

Our Head of Export and Marketing, Andrea Menci and our Social Media Manager, Francesca Baiocchi, both presented the new edition of the Photo Competition and its new theme: the Golden Hour, that is the moment of dawn and sunset.



The choice of this theme is not accidental - explains Andrea Menci - most of our customers start working very early, often before dawn, and almost always ends at sunset, if not later, and we wanted to put at the center of this competition edition precisely the working days and the most special moments of these amazing people.



It is a work of sacrifice and great passion. This second edition has once again proved it: in every photograph you can feel all the love and dedication that our customers and colleagues pour into their work every day. Over 60 arrived, and it was hard to choose only 15 and it was even harder to choose the 3 winners.

– continues Francesca Baiocchi.


Also for this 2nd edition, the jury made use of the technical opinion of professional photographer Juri De Luca, who says he is deeply impressed by the technical and expressive level of the shots in the race: for the choice I based on mainly technical criteria, So: composition, light, which then was somewhat this year’s theme and framing. But I was impressed by the level of the photographs presented. Many were made with the phone and, despite this, the choice of place, the exposure of light and the yield were really high level "comments the photographer Juri De Luca.


2022: an international edition!

The 2022 edition was an eclectic and international one: from France, to Sweden, the Golden Hour photos went crazy on all social networks, taking our products everywhere in the world.

Connecting from France, there are Romain Tricot, representative of the French dealer Aubreé Garages, and Tanguy Hervouin, of the transport and rental company BreizhLoc.

The BreizhLoc Group was founded as a rental company closely linked to Aubreé Garages, Scania’s official dealer for over fifty years in Brittany. The satisfaction of our customers has always been an essential priority of our work and with Menci we have taken the opportunity to expand our production offer that now easily ranges from construction to the transport of feed. We are very happy to be among the top 15 finalists of this photo contest, we are convinced that this project has all the necessary elements to bring people and their work together.

– comments Romain Tricot by Aubreé Garages



Patrik Andersson, representative of the Zorzi product dealer, Zorzi Sverige, connects from the Golden Hour Land, Sweden.


With my company, of which I am currently responsible, we have been working since 1984 in an extremely heterogeneous and competitive context that spans many sectors of the transport world. Sweden is a complex but wonderful country and the photo among the 15 finalists is a direct testimony: the lights and colors convey incredible emotions, all those that can give this wonderful country


- explains Patrik Andersson, Zorzi Sverige manager in Sweden




The announcement of the 3 winners of the 2nd Photo Competition:

Many shots were the protagonists of this 2nd edition of the Photo Competition, each with its own story, professional and human; but the time has come to announce the winners of the 2nd edition of the Photo Competition.


Here are the winners of the photo contest #NoiSiamoLaMenci!!!

In order:

Photo 1: Antonio Billari, photo taken by his girlfriend Sabrina Valencik                      

Photo 2: Starkglundttransportab, photo taken by user in Sweden    

Photo 3: Guglielmo di Palma, photo taken by the user and TonyCony colleague of the company DPEsse Trasporti                       


I am glad that all the sacrifices we make are understood and appreciated. I go out in the morning with a gritty spirit, which does not make me weigh what I do every day, because I love my work, a work that fills my heart. Seeing this wonderful result on social media is a great satisfaction for me and for all those who, like me, operate in the transport sector.

- comments Antonio Billari



And with the award ceremony live streaming, the Photo Competition is heading towards its conclusion.


A special thanks goes to all those who, although not among the finalists, have contributed,

with their shots to take this beautiful photographic and human project everywhere.

Each photo brought us a step closer to you, men and women who every day with great commitment and dedication, walk the streets of the world!

Again this year, again, thank you all and see you soon!





See all the live streaming of the award here!