Welcome autumn!

We have inaugurated this first autumn month, participating, on Saturday, October 1st, in the Open Day organized by our French dealer A.V.I, at its factory in Mont De Marsan.


Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our Export Manager, William Pesarelli, we had the opportunity to present our products and, more importantly, to get closer to the people with whom we often communicate only digitally. We talked, ate and laughed together, sharing ideas, opinions and reflections, professional and not. For us, the value of these moments is invaluable: it is precisely the mutual exchange of points of view and information that generates new value that can bring innovation and progress.


Faces, smiles and sharing:

This incredible day of faces, smiles and sharing was punctuated by many activities, including a dance show and a practical demonstration of relief made by the French Red Cross. The hours spent together thus provided an opportunity for union around fundamental human values in any place or context: security, mutual help and generosity to others.



Our brand is our pride:

We are always proud to "export" our brand and our quality to trusted partners with whom we share values and future prospects, because it is precisely when these values are shared that we create indissoluble ties. We would like to thank ADOUR VEHICULES INDUSTRIELS for welcoming us so warmly to their headquarters and letting us live unique moments, which we will always take with us.