The second edition of the DIG TOUR 2022 has just begun!

Together with our partner Aubrée Garages, participated in the second stage of the DIG TOUR that was held on the site of Rennes during the weekend of 16-17 June.



The DIG TOUR the French roadshow of construction

Now in its second season, the Dig Tour is now the most atypical event currently in existence for the construction world. Totally organized outdoors, with large areas dedicated to practical and dynamic demonstrations, has gradually become a reference point for this ever-expanding sector. Also this year there will be 5 stages, in 5 construction sites scattered throughout France: St Aubin / Gaillon, Rennes, Toulouse, Marseille and Lyon. In short, a real tour that sees the protagonists of construction along the French streets in the name of conviviality and mutual knowledge.



Construction, a complex world but full of opportunities

During our stay in Rennes, thanks to our friends of the staff of Aubrée Garages, we had the opportunity to meet many people involved in the construction world. The comparison with new, important, actors of this complex working sector, has provided us with a new, solid confirmation of the fact that relationships between people are the basis of everything we are and do for our customers.

A heartfelt thanks to all the staff of Aubrée Garages for the hospitality and professionalism shown on every occasion!