On saturday 18th June 2022 Menci and Scandipadova's teams

opened the doors of the Scandirovigo headquarters for an event entirely dedicated to the transport of the future



The day represented a moment of discussion and analysis in which we show our most innovative solutions and together with Scanidipadova, we also shared development strategies and fundamental sustainability objectives to face the ongoing transition towards a transport system more and more efficient.

It was an honor to be able to host the first Menci & Scania Super Open Day at one of our offices. A day where we were able to present our best solutions and where many industry experts discussing issues related to sustainability and efficiency. We have proposed our corporate vision linked to the future and the energy challenges of tomorrow, exposing projects and results achieved in recent years of studies and analyzes.

explains Carlo Rossi, owner of Scandipadova




Global and market scenery that are increasingly flexible and unexpected force us to think about tomorrow with greater responsibility and foresight, paying more and more attention to eco-sustainable and efficient processes within everyone's reach.

There can be no efficiency, where only a few benefit. The only achievable efficiency is shared and sustainable efficiency. For this reason, over the years we have committed increasing resources with a view to continuous production efficiency. We have invested time and resources in the search for high-performance materials for the creation of flexible and cutting-edge products, while always maintaining a high level of attention in the study of new production systems that are more sustainable and protective towards our environment.

comments Federico Salvi, Italy Sales Director of the Menci Group




We are implementing projects related to environmental and energy sustainability, in particular those related to the choice of raw materials with high technical and qualitative performances capable of ensuring a decrease in terms of fuel consumption and, by extension, less CO2 atmospheric pollution. Over the past ten years, the Group's Research & Development Department has embarked on a structured path towards energy and environmental efficiency, identifying lightness as the key to sustainability.

This is the case of HARDOX500 steel, introduced to replace the HARDOX450 steel, and used for the production of chassis and body mainly intended for construction. The new HARDOX 500 TUF material favors a further general development of working conditions because it guarantees a decrease in the bottom and wall thickness of about half a millimeter which lightens the weight by about 140 kg compared to the previous models and which promises an estimated annual saving in approximately 227 liters of fuel over a use of 100,000 km, with a consequent reduction of 783 kg of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Not only. The new HB500 sheets offer greater resistance to wear and abrasion, and extend the life cycle of the vehicle by + 10%.



In recent years, the introduction of Extra Light aluminum, used in the production of ultra-light and resistant chassis, has definitively paved the way for efficiency and sustainability. However, lightness is not the only innovative element; with a view to a gradual decrease in environmental impact, the choice of increasingly resistant and long-lasting raw materials also plays a fundamental role: a product made using more wear-resistant components implies a lower need for replacement over time, thus optimizing the economic and environmental output.

The choice of materials with optimized qualitative performance has elevated the product to a higher efficiency class, while maintaining the technical performance unchanged. But it was not the only strategy we have implemented on the road to efficiency and sustainability. In the last few years in particular, we have worked to decisively reduce the production of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, going from 25 to 20 kg per vehicle for the former and from 224 to 140 kg for the latter; all this has led to a consequent decrease in landfill transfers, also having a positive impact on atmospheric emissions.

In terms of energy, the eco-sustainable path that we have undertaken outlines a strategy that is increasingly attentive to the environment: 33% of the energy used by the Castiglion Fiorentino plant is in fact produced by a system of continuously expanding photovoltaic panels.






Efficiency and sustainability share the same path: the future. Our main goal is to determine technical solutions that guarantee high quality performance to our customers and, at the same time, allow for gains in terms of energy and economic efficiency, while preserving the environment. In the coming years, many challenges and opportunities await us, but only by working in synergy will we be able to achieve the tomorrow we want and we are sure, alongside Scandipadova, to travel together with unrivaled partners.

comments Marco Menci, CEO of the Menci Group


In guiding the change towards a more efficient and decarbonised transport, Scandipadova offers its customers the Super, the most reliable and profitable solution currently available.

The most efficient timing belt on the market is the result of a € 2 billion investment in research and development. With a thermal efficiency of 50% and fuel savings of at least 8%, Scania Super is characterized by increased uptime and optimized maintenance intervals. Specifically, the new Opticruise gearbox family, now enriched with a new component, offers an even smoother and faster gear shift for a unique driving experience. An important piece of the project is represented by the new Scania R756 single scale differential with new even faster axle ratios to make the most of the maximum torque delivered already at 900 rpm. All this is completed by the new modular MACH chassis, which can customize the position of components along the frame to facilitate vehicle outfitting as well as optimizing load distribution.



However, the efficiency of ScandiPadova does not only extend to the product, but also extends to the entire Service Network, which has the main objective of making the vehicle operational in the shortest possible time. Scandipadova not only offers means tailored to operational needs, but also focuses on specific solutions that can assist and facilitate the customer's business, adopting an increasingly active role and becoming a partner that shares the same efficiency objectives as its customer, thanks to a capillary network of 16 dealerships and 106 authorized workshops distributed throughout Italy. In particular, Scandipadova is not only a commercial vehicle dealership, but also guarantees a complete and reliable service through precise and careful advice in the field of sales, after-sales, rental and assistance.