The Menci Company has always considered the training activities of its partners essential; and it is precisely in this perspective that the first meeting of 2022 dedicated to the formation of our network of authorized services took place. The project involved more than 15 businesses in northern Italy and represented an important opportunity for comparison and human and professional growth.



The speech of Andrea Menci, Head of Export & Marketing of the Menci Company, officially inaugurates this first meeting, underlining once again the centrality of human relationships in the creation of solid and collaborative bonds, at the base of all our business projects.




Through the words of the Head of Programming, Andrea Maccarini, the workshops had the opportunity to know the production line and observe closely the realization of the semi-trailer in every phase. The visit was also a new way to get to know the company reality of the Menci Company, not only from a more strictly operational point of view, but also and above all from a human point of view. Behind each phase of work there are men and women constantly committed to confront and improve themselves through such collaboration. 




The formative activity touched many points, paying particular attention to the moments of reciprocal confrontation. Each topic dealt with was a profitable opportunity for debate, in the constant search for a common line to be pursued together in the management of after-sales.


The central element of the day was certainly the presentation of the new online spare parts catalogue, a flexible and innovative tool able to accommodate the needs of our partners and, therefore, of our customers. The catalogue, soon available for the entire network of our authorized workshops, is the result of a long project started in 2018 and still in continuous development. The goal is to make it a concrete tool in the hands of all those who are part of the network of authorized workshops.