Discover our EXTRA SIZE moving floor, a new way to move

The new configuration of the Marte moving floor, specifically designed for the conveyor operating in the agricultural sector, guarantees a stable and safe driving experience, without sacrificing the flexibility required by this type of work. The new internal structure, straight and non conical, is more streamlined and elastic and supports loading and unloading of both bulk agricultural products and cereals, and the subsequent transport of the same organized in pallets.
The platform is made with crossbars of 100 mm lowered but with reinforced structure and this allows to reach a useful height of 2750 mm (+105 compared to the standard conical model), able to hold 18 pallets Epal (with height of 145 mm), without sacrificing volume (92 m3) and safety during transport. 

In fact, during the design phase, particular attention was paid to the evaluation of the structural resistance of the vehicle to ensure stability and safety during movement. The Ares mobile floor, therefore, meets the requirements of UNI EN 12642 - XL, which certifies the load tightness of the goods in the dynamic phase. 


The roof has also been redesigned: the new layout, with 6 solid but flexible stainless steel arches (35x35 mm), guarantees a minimum footprint and a perfect seal of the cloth, without crushing the internal load and thus facilitating loading/unloading operations. In the upper wall, a new, lighter and stronger aluminium profile creates a perfect balance between stability and strength, giving a complete and reliable transport. Finally, a new reinforcement fairing for the fifth wheel slide and behind the fifth wheel, made of 10 mm aluminum replaces the previous steel solutions, ensuring greater strength of the vehicle and a lower overall weight.

In short, a frame of structural improvements, make the Mars moving floor a product intended for different but complementary uses, able to accompany and support the conveyor in every phase of its work safely and easily.