It was a record year for the Menci Group, which remains Italy's leading manufacturer in the semi-trailer sector. The Castiglion Fiorentino-based group has traced a particularly positive balance of 2021 in which it achieved an all-time record in terms of sales, improved the number of sales of its vehicles, and completed 50 new hires, demonstrating the solidity and organization necessary to overcome the various problems experienced in recent months. The restrictions imposed by the sanitary emergency, in fact, have been placed side by side from the increasing difficulties in the supply of the raw materials and the consequent increases, beyond that from the crisis of the field of the logistics that has increased times and costs, hitting hard also the productive row of the semitowings.

Far-sighted entrepreneurial strategies, experience gained over the years and investments implemented in research and development have been basic in enabling the Menci Group to adapt promptly to this changing situation and respond to market demands, while maintaining high quality standards and still recording positive numbers. The most significant figure is the increase in semi-trailer production compared to 2020 with the company emerging as the leader in the Italian outfitter market for the second year in a row. In fact, the Menci Group ranked first in terms of registered vehicles with a total of 1,796 vehicles that ensured a 25 percent improvement in sales in just one year: in 2021, 94 million euros were exceeded, representing an all-time record.



The last year was also characterized by a growth of the company staff with the formalization of 50 new hires that have allowed to reach the total number of 405 employees. the presentation of the budget has represented also the occasion in order to define the objectives of 2022 in which the group will work in order to increase the production of means of 20% through the goodwill of a triennial industrial plan until 2025 that previews the allocation of additional investments of around EUR 8 million in various personnel sectors, technologies, research and development.

«The numbers and results obtained allow us to look to the future with renewed confidence. This will allow us to accompany the needs of our customers, diversify production, maintain high quality and remain competitive, always paying particular attention to sustainability and the environment. A special thanks goes to our employees: each of them contributes to the growth of our great entrepreneurial reality and, for this, one of our priorities is to constantly increase investments in the human resources sector, the heart and operational heart of the company»

comments Massimo Menci, general manager of Menci's Group.